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Skål Bali

Skål members are tourism industry management and professionals from firms and organizations providing accommodation, tours, travel, transportation, marine & cruise tourism, attractions, activities, golf, restaurants, spas, travellers medical facilities, medical and sports tourism, consulting and travel media. Suppliers may qualify as Associate Members. Membership in Skål provides opportunities to make valuable business contacts, build industry networks and friendships. Skål members are devoted to doing business among friends

Skål International, founded in Paris in 1934, is the World’s largest travel and tourism organization with 12,594 members in some 311 clubs in 76 countries. Skål International Bali is the third largest club worldwide and the largest club in Southeast Asia. As many as can of our near 100 members meet monthly, usually on the first Friday for lunch at 12 noon. Members can invite guests, preferably potential Skål members, to Skål Events a limited number of times at Rp 600,000 per occasion.

Skål membership is personal though Skål fees are usually paid by the member’s firm due to the many benefits to the enterprise Skål membership brings. The full year annual fee, which includes Skål International, Skål Asian Area and Skål Bali annual dues and at least ten free lunches, dinners or other events during 2024 is Rp 3,900,000. New Skål members pay an additional joining fee of Rp 500,000. Fees are payable on applying to join.

To become a member simply complete the Skål International application form and then send it to

You will then be billed via email by Skål Bali. Fees will be collected here in Bali.

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Professional organization of tourism leaders from around Bali, promoting Local and Global Tourism and Friendship.


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