Join in the activities of Bali’s vibrant Skal community of travel and tourism executives

Skål members worldwide make Bali a must-visit Skal destination to enjoy the warm welcome of the 180 members of Skål Bali, the world’s 4th largest Skal club!

Dear Skallegues and Travel Industry Friends,

Welcome to Bali and welcome to our very vibrant and fun Skal Club International Bali.

A few years back, Skal Bali was just a handful individuals that kept the spirit going from the early days when our club was a well established and functioning association. This certainly has changed over the last few years under the guidance of Past President Keith Bell, Treasurer Malcolm Scott and a very enthusiastic Board of Directors. I inherited a club that was the fastest growing club in the world and reached enough members to become the second largest club in South East Asia and fourth largest club worldwide.

Our club’s success “recipe” is quite simple and reflects Skal International’s slogan “doing business amongst friends”. Our lively monthly luncheons that attract around 100 members and friends, a mid-year “family affair” and the most popular “Christmas Ball” on the island are the backbone of association. These friendly events give ample opportunity to Travel Industry Friends to interact with existing friends and expand their network of business partners. Although this is only one way to benefit from Skal, there is plenty of opportunity to use your membership when travelling or just attending the luncheons at our sister clubs Skal International Jakarta and Yogyakarta. With over 500 clubs in 90 countries and 20,000 members you are guaranteed to fine a friendly Skallegue almost anywhere on the globe.

If you are a dynamic player in the Travel Industry and not a member yet, I would be more than happy to introduce you to our club. And for all of you members, see you at our next gathering.

Happiness, Good Health, Friendship, Long Life and Skal

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Jellard
President 2013-2015

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